00 Context

In November 2019, I started working from a scratch in a new and exciting startup called Athenian. I created the branding style and personality, and designed the webapp platform from scratch. I created a design system to quickly implement new features and elements. Together with the Product Manager, I've been continuously working on creating new features and experiences to improve the initial platform, and also the landing page design and some minor coding in HTML, CSS and React.

Fo this role I used and several different methodologies such as User Research, Competitive Analysis, Sketch Prototyping and Layout Design.


User Experience
User Interface

2019 - Present


01 Webapp design

From the beginning we had a clear idea that the main concept for the webapp was to create a pipeline to show the whole engineering process, and then to display insights for the teams. We gathered feedback from dozens of engineers, team leads and managers to create a tool that was simple and friendly to use, and that was so useful to improve and accelerate the whole engineering process.


The Summary view

The main section of the webapp is the Summary. It features an overview of all the main metrics that allows the user to find out the current situation of their teams.

00 Summary

Main Sections

The main sections of the webapp are organized depending on the kind of feedback between the delivery pipeline, the quality metrics and the outcome. Apart from that, we display important content in tables that link GitHub pull requests with Jira epics, bugs or releases, connecting the user main tools to give accurate feedback that shows metadata from the main tools that the users already use in their teams. 

00 Summary
01 Pipeline – 01.03 Review
01 Pipeline
02 Quality – 02.01 Bugs
02 Quality
03 Outcome – 03.01 Work Distribution
03 Outcome
04 Tables – 04.01 Pull Requests
04 Tables – 04.03 Bugs
04 Tables – 04.04 Releases

Do you like my work? Let's talk :)

Do you like my work? Let's talk :)

Do you like my work? Let's talk :)